Monday Sep 12, 2022

Music Monuments tribute to Cynthia Robinson featuring The Family Stone

“Cynthia Robinson was the first and only black female trumpet player to be inducted in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.” –Jerry Martini 

KZMOHD presents Music Monuments, a powerful force in the KZMOVERSE honoring artistic contributions that musicians make in society. In this segment, we had the honor of interviewing The Family Stone before their first performance on the second day of their tour stop celebrating culture and community with OMG Media's KZMOHD at the Lionie Lodge Bandshell at the MN State Fair. This backstage interview took place in a conference room with the seven band members that included founding member of Sly and the Family Stone Mr. Jerry Martini, inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993 (Saxophone), Phunne Stone, daughter of Cynthia Robinson and Sly Stone (Vocals), Swang Stewart (Lead Vocals), Blaise Sison (Bass/Music Director), Nate Wingfield (Lead Guitar), Frank Klepacki (Drums), and last but not least, Jimi Mckinney (Keys/Vocals). Thank you to The Family Stone for honoring the legendary Cynthia Robinson in a way that no one else ever could!!

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